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HYPERflex motor cable for microRemote
HYPERflex motor cable for microRemote
Our Price: $200.00
Sale Price: $130.00
Savings: $70.00

NOTE: This cable works with the original version of Redrock's Torque Motor (the one with the flush-mount Lemo-compatible receptacle). If you have one of the newer Torque Motors that uses an in-line Lemo-compatible receptacle, this cable will not work.

This cable's features include being thin and light, perfect for use with camera gimbals, where flexibility is crucial.

This cable allows you to mount your Redrock microRemote Basestation to the handles of your stabilizer, which not only makes it easier to access the Basestation’s controls, but you can also mount your Basestation battery on the handles and access the Fingerwheel port.


  • incredibly thin wire
  • uses only Lemo-brand connectors
  • includes bend/strain relief on both ends
  • black wire (some photos show grey)


  • 36″ in length
  • 7-pin Lemo-brand connectors (angled 1B, straight 0B)

Tips for optimal usage:

  • Mount the Redrock Basestation on the handlebar assembly, rather than down on the gimbal
  • Power your basestation from a battery that is also mounted on the handlebar assembly
  • Freefly's LiPo batteries make for a great powering solution, as they are very light and compact
  • For a semi-permanent solution, use ties to attach the cable along the frame of the gimbal, leaving a loop in the cable so each axis has full range-of-motion

If stock is depleted, our Product Updates Mailing List is a great way to find out when this cable is available again.